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SHAHPURI Group was established 33 years ago by a group of Indian industrialist who believes that the pursuit of manufacturing excellence is the way forward. At that time, rubber was the “new gold” for South and South East Asia with both India and Thailand expanding aggressively into this new industry. Business initially focused on supplying 2 & 3 Wheeler tires, tubes & flaps for bicycles, scooter, motorbikes and Three Wheeler segments.

By 2004, the Group has diversified into superior quality tires, tubes and flaps supplies for vehicular tyres such as for both the Light and Heavy Duty truck & bus, specialized tires for comprehensive range for Agricultural, Implement, Flotation, Grader, OTR, Skid Steer, Industrial & Agricultural tractors etc. market segments specifically for export purposes. From 2 wheeler tyres to a Car Tyre to a Giant OTR / AGRI Tyres, SHINCO makes & supply the entire gamut of Automobile Tyres. SHINCO's success is based on the value premise of giving our customers the most for their money. Some think the name on the tire is more important than the tire itself, but SHINCO is committed to changing this view by being a good business decision and delivering on the promise that exceptional value will always be where the smart money is. The goal is simple: deliver more tires for less money, and we’ll earn a customer for life.

At SHAHPURI, we believe in competing with ourselves. Achieving a landmark, and then pushing the goalpost further.In the process, creating new business opportunities, reducing costs, getting to market faster, and above all, increasing customer satisfaction. Working closely with research and technology department of our OEM partners, we manufacture highly-durable, customised tyres for most Indian vehicles including Heavy Duty Trucks, light commercial vehicles (LCVs), passenger cars (PCs), utility vehicles (UVs), tractors, truck trailers and two-wheelers.
Currently, more than 80% of SHAHPURI Group’s products are exported worldwide to countries like Canada, Australia, Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Djibouti, Sudan, Mali, Burkina, Central Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya etc.), USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe & EU Countries (Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Belgium etc.), Middle Eastern Countries (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Bahrain, Dubai). SHAHPURI also provides our customers with superior product lines & support, which enhances our customers’ market potential and profitability. We manage a global supply chain that provides a seamless link from our manufacturing base to the customer. Our promise as a company and as a team of individuals is to show a high understanding of each customer’s needs and to meet those needs with integrity, honesty, and accountability. A customer of SHINCO can rely on us for:

Quality assurance programs
Competitive pricing
No Hassle Warranty
Excellent customer service
Full range of products
World Wide Distribution

You can also count on SHINCO to offer a full range of product literature, customer training and sales presentations to assist in the sales and promoting of every SHINCO product. We work to continually update our product offering by adding new tire lines and sizes to keep current and move ahead of the changes in the marketplace. We manufacture & supply Auto Tyres using precisely determined specifications. They thus always offer:-

Highest quality
Excellent grip
Reliability and safety during use
High kilometre yield
Low rolling resistance
Options for re-profiling and renewal (commercial tyres)
Economical use of (safe) raw materials
Ideal protection against damage
Sustainable production in a modern factory

SHINCO has very close links with its fixed partners, which allows it to always quickly meet the needs of users when developing new tyres.

Our total asset base exceeds hundreds of million and our staff strength numbers over 3,000. Our various productions & offices are strategically based at different locations across India and china. Our capacity includes even fulfilling the requirements for Bulk Volume customers, that is we have capacity to ship up to 100's of containers, making us one of the biggest & most reliable tire supplier in South Asia.

Leading the quality charts in the tyre industry, SHINCO also provides value added services to all of its worldwide valuable customers. Hard work and un-divided focus on delivering only the superior quality products has helped SHINCO, gain trust of its global customers. SHINCO has maintained its tradition of innovation and development to produce / supply the excellent products only. Continuing to set new benchmarks for its competitors, SHINCO has become synonymous to quality.

The Group has strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing technologies, complete testing equipment, flexible operation mechanisms, and an excellent management team, laying a solid foundation for providing first-class products and winning the trust of domestic and foreign customers. Experience. Devotion. Track record. Global resources. Everything is in place to deliver on our commitment to you. We deliver the highest possible levels of customer service, assure the prompt delivery of all products and offer exceptional margin opportunities. This, combined with our extensive inventories and efficient world wide delivery, position SHINCO Tires at the leading edge of the tire business- a position where we will remain. You have our word on it.

The road may be long and winding, but it is no place to cut corners. That is why so much care and concern has gone into the development of SHINCO Auto Tires. To match the grueling conditions you often face, state-of-the-art computer designed tread patterns are created with durable rubber compounds, proven to outperform over the long haul. With exacting ISO 9001 manufacturing standards, every SHINCO Tire that rolls off the production line is worthy of the name. Rigorous testing in the field ensures consistent, long-lived performance. We aren’t simply in the business of making tires. We’re in the business of making customers for life.

With this web site we would like to enlighten you to the unique benefits and features of our products and innovations. 

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